Colonial Collections Consortium

Call for Applications Sharing Stories on Contested Histories

The Call for Applications for the exchange programme Sharing Stories on Contested Histories is now open. Urgent societal challenges such as the climate crisis, social injustice, economic inequality and the threat to democracy are urging museum and heritage professionals to reflect on their role in society and on their own working practices. Many of these issues have a deep connection to our recent and less recent past, and to the histories and practices of museums themselves. The 2024 edition of the Sharing Stories on Contested Histories programme will explore how striving for equity may look like in the heritage sector, by stimulating and facilitating an exchange of knowledge, tools and experiences regarding professional practices. Dealing with collections from a colonial context is one of the topics that will be discussed during the programme.

This programme is organized by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Reinwardt Academy (Amsterdam University of the Arts) as part of the International Heritage Cooperation programme.

The deadline to apply is 29 June 2024. See the full Call for Applications for more information about the content and the application process.